The Mission

The mission of CREATE Dunwoody is to work in partnership with the City of Dunwoody, as well as other public and private stakeholders, to establish public art in the city and to encourage the creative exploration of the arts.

CREATE Dunwoody was founded out of the Arts and Culture Master Plan that was adopted by City Council in October 2018. 

The purpose of the organization is to leverage and promote the arts to increase the quality of life among those who live, work, and play in Dunwoody. As a partner of the City of Dunwoody  and other community non-profit organizations, CREATE Dunwoody aims to:

  • Attract more arts, culture, and events to the city.
  • Support existing arts and culture organizations.
  • Enhance public and open spaces with art, activities, signage, and public amenities.
  • Facilitate free public events celebrating arts, culture, and community.
  • Create an overarching vision for the arts and culture in Dunwoody.
  • Promote arts and culture in Dunwoody to multiple audiences.
  • Create a unified platform for arts, culture, and placemaking
  • Work with Discover Dunwoody to integrate arts and culture marketing to potential visitors.
  • Establish and nurture strong partnerships with the public, nonprofit, and private sectors.
  • Develop and utilize metrics for evaluating progress.

2021 – 2022
Board of Directors:

  • Alan Mothner, President, Spruill Center for the Arts
  • Debbie Fuse, Treasurer, Stage Door Players
  • Barbara Flexner, Secretary, Dunwoody Fine Arts Association
  • Michael Starling, City of Dunwoody
  • Brent Walker, City of Dunwoody
  • Ann Hanlon, Perimeter Center Improvement Districts
  • Melanie Williams, Dunwoody Preservation Trust
  • Bill Grossman, Dunwoody Homeowners Association
  • Carolynn Lord, Community Member
  • Hillary Meister, Community Member
  • Billy Kramer, Community Member
  • Carrie Willard, Community Member
  • Erica Anstey, Community Member
  • Karen Chen, Community Member
  • Katie Prellwitz, Community Member
  • Chris Gallego, Community Member